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O'Dwyer Flat Hack Shoe - Sizes 1-4

O'Dwyer Flat Hack Shoe - Sizes 1-4

$13.20 AUD


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The Flat Hack Shoe (FHS) range is made using carbon steel and a unique manufacturing process which maintains web width throughout the entire bars length. This results in greater coverage at the heels, compared to a traditional flat shoe. This easily shaped shoe is packaged in sets (front and hind top clipped versions). Size 1-4 are a 20x8mm cross section whilst the larger shoes in the range (5,6,7) are a heavier 22x8mm section.

  • Shoes: Front and Hind
  • Model: Symetrical
  • Clips: Toe Clipped
  • Sizes: 1 - 7 available

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