Chris Gregory Left Hand Picker - Large

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Chris Gregory Left Hand Picker - Large

Chris Gregory Left Hand Picker - Large

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Chris Gregory Hoof Knife - Left handed, long with pick. Stainless steel: Blade: 62mm

A revolution in Hoof Knife design! Through the ancestral blade wisdom of fourth generation knife makes of Frosts and the knowledge and expertise of a farrier industry icon, Chris Gregory, the collection is born.


  • Curved profile from end to end for ergonomic advantage, allowing the skilled farrier to sculpt the sole and frog with best precision and feel.
  • Blade designed for optimum slope and cup to the sole.
  • Aides in gaining the desired angle on the frog and allows for optimum leverage with precision carving
  • Made of Supreme High Carbon no Stain Steel
  • Exceptional edge retention to ensure long life
  • Handcrafted in Sweden.

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