Ammo All Wormers 30gms

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Ammo All Wormers 30gms

Ammo All Wormers 30gms

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Ammo Paste is an Australian made, broad spectrum horse wormer.

Uniquely combining Abamectin with Morantel Tartrate, no other horse worming paste on the Australian market currently utilises these ingredients in combination.

Ammo Paste is a highly effective wormer against gastrointestinal, pulmonary and cutaneous (skin) worms and bots in horses of all ages.

  • Tapeworms: Anoplocephala perfoliata
  • Large Strongyles: Strongylus vulgaris (adult & arterial stages), Strongylus edentatus (adult & tissue stages), Strongylus equinus (adults),Tridontophorus spp (adults)
  • Small Strongyles: including benzimidazole resistant strains of adult and immature Cyathostomum spp, Cylicocyclus spp, Cyclicostephanus spp, Cyclicodontophorus spp, Gyalocephalus spp.
  • PinwormsOxyuris equi (adult & immature).
  • Ascarids:(roundworms): Parascaris equorum (adult & immature).
  • HairwormsTrichostrongylus axei (adult).
  • Large Mouth Stomach Worms:Habronema muscae (adult).
  • Neck ThreadwormsOnchocerca spp (microfilariae).
  • Bots:Gasterophilus spp (oral & gastric stages).
  • Lungworms: Dictyocaulus arnfieldi (adult & immature).
  • Intestinal ThreadwormsStrongyloides westeri (adult).
  • Summer Sores:Habronema spp & Draschia spp cutaneous larvae.
  • Cutaneous OnchcerciasisOnchocerca spp.

A year round worming prevention and treatment program varies with climatic and horse conditions, but, in general terms all horses should be wormed every 6 - 8 weeks. All horses newly introduced to a property should be wormed immediately on arrival, and kept away from regularly used paddocks or yards for several days in order to minimise environmental recontamination.

Directions for Use: 
One syringe will treat a horse of up to 600kg bodyweight.  Each 5ml division on the plunger contains sufficient to treat 100kg bodyweight.  Administer the paste via the side of the mouth, as far back over the tongue as possible.

Active Ingredients: 
Abamectin 4mg/g
Morantel Tartrate 167mg/g

Tube Size: 32.5g

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